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MBM Destroyit Paper Shredders are the best tools to dispose of sensitive information on documents, CDs, DVDs and even credit cards. Whether for personal or commercial shredding needs, MBM Destroyit has a shredder for your every requirement.

While paper shredders may not be the most glamorous piece of technology, they are vital, and Destroyit offers you a wide variety of shredder models with versatile features. While many see shredders as large and unwieldy, not to mention noisy machines that take up much space, MBM Destroyit equips you with the finest shredders to fit into any contemporary workplace.

We've chosen the three best cross cut paper shredders for usage at home and in the business. These dependable paper shredding machines are ideal for securely destroying private documents.

MBM Destroyit 4002 Cross Cut Shredder

MBM Destroyit 4002 Cross Cut Shredder is ideally designed with an automatic oil injection to ensure enhanced shredder performance. The heavy-duty shredder powers through 26 sheets of paper per cycle to accommodate high-volume shredding needs. With Level P-4 Security, the MBM shredder destroys paper, clips, staples, credit cards, CDs & DVDs into tiny cross-cut particles. A 44-gallon bin container is mounted on casters for efficient storage and disposal of shredded waste.

Destroyit 4002 is a cutting-edge shredding machine with a comprehensive safety system for the ultimate user experience. An easy switch control element indicates operational status and functions as an emergency stop switch. A transparent safety shield in the feed opening provides an automatic power cut-off when the shred bin is full or open for waste disposal.

MBM Destroyit 2604 Cross Cut Shredder

MBM Destroyit 2604 is a cross cut paper shredder designed to destroy up to 26 sheets of paper per pass. The Level P-4 Shredder features steel-hardened cutting blades to tear through paper, paper clips, staples, credit cards, CDs & DVDs and shred them into minuscule fragments for ultimate security. A removable bin container stores 26 gallons of shredder waste and allows easy disposal.

Destroyit 2604 Shredder is equipped with an Electronic Capacity Control Indicator to prevent jams and blockages by monitoring sheet capacity levels during operations. A patented safety shield protects against shredding accidents by automatically cutting off power when removing the shredder bin. A single-phase motor with double overheating protection allows continuous operations with minimal power consumption.

Moreover, the 2604 MBM paper shredder has an integrated automatic oil injection system to lubricate cutting blades continuously. Paired with Destroyit Shredder Oil, 2604 makes bulk shredding a breeze.

MBM Destroyit 2465 Cross Cut Shredder

MBM Destroyit 2465 is a smart and compact personal shredder ideal for deskside. With Level P-4 Security, the document shredder can cut through paper, paper clips, credit cards, CDs & DVDs. The 9.5-inch wide throat can accommodate up to 15 sheets per pass. A removable waste basket is mounted on wheels for maximum mobility. Coupled with MBM Destroyit Shredder Bags, 2465 provides effortless waste disposal and time-efficient shredding.

Destroyit 2465 paper shredder features a smart shred control system with a smiley on the smart console to indicate sheet capacity levels and protect the shredder against jams and blockages. In addition, automatic oil injection is integrated into the machine to facilitate continuous operations without requiring frequent shredder maintenance.

Furthermore, MBM 2465 shredder provides ultra-quiet functions with double motor protection against overheating.


The finest paper shredders are more necessary than ever to ensure that private and sensitive papers are safely disposed of, especially in situations of identity theft fraud. MBM Destroyit offers you a wide variety of shredders at your disposal. While many assume shredders are enormous machines that require a vast space, these finest MBM shredders can easily fit into any contemporary workplace.

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