For the secure storage of confidential and sensitive information, paper shredding or document destruction is essential. Bills, financial statements, marketing strategies, employee files, and even delivery parcels are examples of confidential data that most of us generate and retain. Shredders are devices that cut paper into strips or fine bits, which are subsequently collected and recycled by government offices, non-profit organizations, significant enterprises, small businesses, and individual persons.

We all have the right to have our personal information protected. In reality, regulations exist that make it illegal to dispose of documents that contain sensitive or secret information. Organizations that collect and store personal data but fail to safeguard it suffer financial and legal repercussions. Employers, for example, utilize paper shredding services to dispose of no longer needed employee files.

A strip-cut shredder produces spaghetti-like strands. This cut type is the lowest degree of security cut style, and it's excellent for shredding trash mail and papers with outdated or non-sensitive information daily. We looked at the five best strip-cut shredders that can be used at home or in the business, as well as models that fit your needs and paper shredding requirements.

#1 | MBM Destroyit 3104SC Strip-Cut Shredder

The MBM Destroyit 3104 SC strip cut shredder is a heavy-duty shredder designed for centralized, high-volume daily office use. With a shred speed of 18 feet per minute and a sheet capacity of 27-30 sheets at a time, the shredder can perform quiet yet powerful operations.

  • Sheet Capacity: 27 - 30
  • Shred Speed: 18 ft/min
  • Category: Office Shredder
  • Feed Opening Size: 12"
  • Cut Type & Size: Strip Cut, 3/16"
  • Security Level: P-2
  • Bin Capacity: 32 Gallon

#2 | MBM Destroyit 3804SC Strip-Cut Shredder:

When it comes to continuous high volume shredding, the MBM Destroyit 3804SC Strip-Cut Shredder is the most acceptable option. The paper shredder is equipped with a single solid phase engine and high-quality cutting shafts that can shred paper, staples, paper clips, credit cards, and DVDs at a pace of 20 feet per minute. The paper shredder has a vast feed aperture of 16” and can shred up to 31 pages at a time into 1/4” strips, earning it a P-2 security grade. The 44-gallon shred bin is lightweight, sturdy plastic, Strip-Cut, and can be used without shred bags, making it environmentally friendly.

  • Sheet Capacity: 29 - 31
  • Shred Speed: 20 ft/min
  • Category: Office Shredder
  • Feed Opening Size: 16"
  • Cut Type & Size: Strip Cut, 1/4"
  • Security Level: P-2
  • Bin Capacity: 44 Gallon

#3 | MBM Destroyit 2270SC Strip-Cut Shredder:

The MBM Destroyit 2270 SC is an excellent choice if you need a flexible and effective personal shredder. It has two different feed apertures, one for paper and one for plastics, for convenience. A photocell controls the automated start and stops the function of the 2270SC Strip-Cut Shredder, while the multifunction control switch controls stand-by, stop, and reverse operations. The paper shredder has a transparent safety barrier that prevents it from shredding anything other than paper, as well as a magnetic switch that immediately turns off the power if the bin is removed.

  • Sheet Capacity: 10-12
  • Shred Speed: 12 ft./min.
  • Category: Office
  • Feed Opening Size: 8 3/4"
  • Cut Type & Size: Strip Cut, 3/16"
  • Security Level: P-2
  • Bin Capacity: 5 Gallons (Paper)

#4 | MBM Destroyit 2445SC Strip-Cut Shredder:

The Destroyit 2445SC strip-cut shredder is DOD certified and meets all NSA/CSS standards. It has an energy-saving mode and simple switch control for smooth and efficient operation. Furthermore, because it does not require throwaway shred bags, this shredder is environmentally friendly. It is one of the greatest shredders on the market because of its quiet and robust operation. The MBM Destroyit 2445SC will undoubtedly improve overall shredding performance safely.

  • Sheet capacity: 12-14
  • Shred Speed: 27 ft/minute
  • Category: Office
  • Feed Opening Size: 9.5”
  • Cut Type: Strip Cut, 1/32” x 3/16”
  • Security Level: P-2
  • Can Shred: Paper, staples, paper clips
  • Bin Capacity: 9 gallons

#5 | MBM Destroyit 4108SC P-2 level Strip-Cut Shredder:

The MBM Destroyit 4108SC is one of the greatest shredders for paper shredding at the P-2 level that we've seen so far. The Destroyit 4108SC delivers continuous duty. Therefore it undoubtedly produces superior results. This shredder has a multi-function simple switch indicating its operational state and allows you to manage all of its operations. The 4108SC with the LED lighted belt guarantees smooth shredding without any jams, whether the papers are crumpled or bound. It contains a three-phase motor and cutting shafts made of high-quality hardened steel resistant to soft metal items.

  • Sheet Capacity: 75-95
  • Shred Speed: 60 ft./min
  • Category: Industrial
  • Feed Opening Size: 16 1/8"
  • Cut Type & Size: Strip Cut, 1/4"
  • Security Level: P-2
  • Bin Capacity: 79 Gallons
  • Maximum Horsepower: 10
  • Can Shred: Paper Clip, Credit Card