Things We Should Know Before Buying A Personal Shredder

Personal Shredder Privacy Security Level Cut Type Capacity Opening size Bin

While a shredder can be an excellent tool for preventing identity fraud and other privacy-related issues, finding a good and compatible shredder can be an overwhelming task in itself. Be mindful that there can be a hundred choices when selecting a shredder but the key is to take your time and read this blog.

To make it simpler for you, we have compiled a list of the most essential features to look for while shopping for a personal shredder.

The Required Security Level

You do not have to compromise on security just because you are searching for a smaller shredder. Any of your records that contain details that could lead to fraud or identity theft if they fall into the wrong hands should be properly shredded. A personal shredder that is used to shred the paper uses the classification system of P-2 through P-7. Level P-7 refers to the smallest cut scale, while level P-2 refers to the largest.

• P-2 shredder, also known as the strip-cut shredder, is the most commonly used shredder and least reliable.

• P-3 and P-4 are the most common levels used in industries and at home. They are HIPPA-compliant and do an excellent job of safeguarding personal information.

• Government agencies use P-6 and P-7 to dispose of top-secret data.

At CBM, we carry personal shredders, Strip-cut that are not only capable of shredding paper but also electronic, film, and optical material with a security level of E-2.

Personal Shredder Privacy Security Level Cut Type

Personal Shredder Privacy Cut Type

Which Cut-Type is more Secure?

Shredders are classified according to the type of shreds they produce and influenced by the cut they implement. Strip-cut, cross-cut, and micro-cut are the most common cut types.

Strip Cut Type

Shredders that are classified as strip-cut are becoming less popular but are still available. Strip-cut leaves papers in a state that allows offenders to piece them back together and extract information. According to the official DIN 66399 standard that specifies the destruction criteria for a variety of media types, strip-cut shredders are classified as DIN P-1 or P-2. This ranking means that the shredders in this category have the least amount of data security.

CrossCut Type

Cross-cut shredders are ideal for medium protection and especially if shredding is being done for a company. To protect the privacy of consumer information and reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, enacted in 2003, directed several federal agencies to adopt rules regarding the disposal of sensitive information. Failure to meet requirements will result in penalties and even litigations on behalf of those whose data has been misused. According to the official DIN 66399 standard for paper destruction and other media, this form of shredder provides "medium protection" and falls under security levels P-3 and P-4.

Micro-Cut Type

Micro-cut paper shredders have significantly more security than cross-cut and strip-cut shredders. Under DIN 66399, a micro-cut shredder is listed as a P-5, P-6, or P-7 shredder. DIN P-7 delivers the highest degree of data protection and is recommended for shredding sensitive documents, such as government documents.

We, at CBM, carry a wide variety of NSA-approved shredders that are designed to meet the National Security Agency's requirements. The NSA-specified shredded particles are so tiny that no different characters can be made out of them, making it impossible to reassemble any text.

Is Capacity essential in a personal shredder?

Sheet capacity might not be of concern if the shredder is used at home or office for personal use. However, most personal shredders should only be used on a limited basis, which means you should not let your paper pile up and attempt to shred them all at once.

There is some variation in how many sheets you can put into your shredder at once. It is highly recommended to go for a shredder with higher sheet capacity which loosely translates to not settling for 6-8 sheets capacity, handle staples and paper clips, and even credit cards, as that capability is becoming more prevalent.

Shredding capacity varies depending on the brand and the type of shredder. At CBM, we have shredders with sheet capacity from 1 to 105 sheets providing a buffet of options.

The Optimum Feed Opening Size

A majority of personal shredders feature a 9-inch feed capacity which means that they will accept the most common paper sizes. If the requirement is to shred papers that are larger than legal or letter size then we have your back and no need to look further.

At CBM, we provide you with shredders that have different feed opening sizes as per your need. The feed opening size varies from 1 inch to 15 inches.

Little Things That Matter

When shredder shopping, certain features get looked over but need to be prioritized for an ideal shredding experience.

• First and foremost, make sure that a shredder has anti-jam engineering so it can automatically clear out the stuck paper.

• Secondly, it should feature quiet operation because no one likes to disturb their colleagues and families with loud shredding noises.

• It should have a full bin indicator, an Auto-reverse feature that stops and reverses paper if a jam occurs, helping to reduce jams and frustration.

• It should be equipped with an energy-smart system that turns off the shredder after a specific time if it is not operational.

• A visual indicator that is turned on when the entry feed is overloaded with too many papers, it also indicates when the wastebasket is full.

• Shredders need to be oiled periodically make sure you get a shredder that can automatically be lubricated instead of doing it yourself.

At CBM, we provide you with all the features mentioned above and even just what you need.


Personal shredders are a safe and simple way to shred papers. Staff may become complacent if there is no convenience, and they may dispose of papers in various ways. To locate the best machine, you should carefully examine your company's requirements.

At CBM, we provide you with the best shredders, just what you are looking for.