Identity theft is one of the most prevalent issues today, yet most organizations still aren’t focusing on securely getting rid of confidential documents. Investing in a good shredder is one of the best decisions an organization, or even an individual, can make!

What are shredders?

Shredders help ensure your private, confidential documents are disposed of securely so that sensitive information stays safe. However, different shredders have different security levels and cut types. Generally, the three main cut types are Strip Cut, Cross Cut, and Micro-Cut in order of least to most secure.

Paper shredders Micro-cut offers the highest level of security, falling under P-5, P-6, and P-7 DIN security levels. These shredders cut up your documents into tiny, minuscule pieces that are impossible to piece back together. Generally, micro-cut shredders will shred an A4-sized paper into 2,000 - 12,000 chips, depending on the security level.

We’ve compiled a list of the five best paper shredders of the micro-cut type you can buy in 2021 to preserve data security;

#1 | MBM Destroyit 2445SMC High-Security Shredder

The MBM Destroyit 2445 SMC is one of the best high-security shredders in the market. With a P-7 security level for utmost data security, it features a Safety Protection System with a transparent safety shield for user protection. It also includes an Easy Switch control element, Automatic start/stop functions, Smart Shred Control, and an Energy Saving Mode.

      • Sheet Capacity: 5 - 7
      • Shred Speed: 14 ft/min
      • Category: Office Shredder
      • Feed Opening Size: 9 1/2"
      • Cut Type: Super Micro Cut
      • Security Level: P-7
      • Bin Capacity: 9 Gallon

#2 | MBM Destroyit 2604SMC High-Security Shredder:

The MBM Destroyit 2604 SMC meets all specifications and is a DOD-approved shredder at security level P-7. Running on a powerful single-phase motor includes an Electronic Safety Shield for user safety, Automatic Start/Stops functions, an Electronic Capacity Control system to prevent jamming, and Auto-Oil Injection for efficient workplace shredding.

      • Sheet Capacity: 6 - 8
      • Shred Speed: 28 ft/min
      • Category: Office Shredder
      • Feed Opening Size: 10 1/4"
      • Cut Type: Super Micro Cut
      • Security Level: P-7
      • Bin Capacity: 26 Gallons

#3 | MBM Destroyit 4005SMC High-Security Shredder:

The MBM Destroyit 4005 SMC is an NSA/DOD-approved high-security shredder, perfect for preserving the confidentiality of private documents. It’s an environmentally friendly shredder that includes an Energy Saving Mode and does not require disposable shred bags. It also features Electronic Capacity Control, Easy Switch control, Automatic Start/Stop and Auto-Reverse, and Power cut-off to prevent overfeeding, making it one of the most efficient shredders for workplaces to have in 2021.

      • Sheet Capacity: 10 - 12
      • Shred Speed: 44 ft/min
      • Category:Department Shredder
      • Feed Opening Size: 16"
      • Cut Type: Super Micro Cut
      • Security Level: P - 7
      • Bin Capacity: 44 Gallon
Your data security is priceless, and shredders are an investment every individual and organization should make as soon as possible. Micro-cut shredders are undoubtedly the best investment option out of all shredders, and we’ve listed our top picks for 2021 that are perfect for both personal and workplace shredding.