A shredder helps you dispose of your most sensitive information—on paper documents, CDs, or even credit cards—whether it's for personal or commercial usage. Here are some things to consider before buying a shredder, as well as the best ones we've tested

With a Crosscut shredder, you can shred the document both vertically and horizontally, making reassembling of the document nearly impossible. Because of its potential to improve security, cross-cut shredding is becoming more popular, providing 7.5 times more security than strip-cut shredding.

We've chosen the five best cross-cut paper shredders for usage at home and in the business. These dependable shredding machines are ideal for securely destroying extremely private documents.

#1 | MBM Destroyit 4002CC (P-4) Cross Cut Shredder

The MBM Destroyit 4002CC cross-cut shredder is a medium-security, heavy-duty, high-volume centralized office shredder that is best suited for high-capacity data destruction and provides a security level of P-4. The cross-cut shredder can shred up to 24-26 sheets per pass, the Mounted on Casters Waste Bin type can hold up to 44 gallons of waste.
MBM Destroyit 4002cc shredder can shred paper clips, staple pins, credit cards, and optical media (CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays) with ease, and it has an auto start/stop function that allows it to start shredding as soon as it detects paper or plastic material on its feed opening and stop when shredding is done or the waste bin is full.

  • Security Level: P- 4
  • Sheet Capacity: 24 - 26
  • BIn Capacity: 44 Gallons

#2 | MBM Destroyit 3104CC (P-5) Cross Cut Shredder:

MBM Destroyit 3104CC (P-5) Cross Cut Shredder is a high-security shredder that provides a P-5 security level. It is considered to be the best choice for office usage as it can verify that all document’s ethnicity is retained. In a pass, the cross-cut shredder can shred up to 14-17 sheets and is equipped with a reusable bin with a high capacity of 32 gallons.The shredder includes an automated oil injector that maintains the cutting shafts as well as new ones after continuous use.
The Destroyit 3104CC includes an easy-to-use control system that employs optical signals to indicate functioning and can also be used as an emergency stop button. The unique capacity control prevents paper jams, guaranteeing a hassle-free shredding experience. The paper shredder is also environmentally conscious, as it features an innovative technology that uses photocell detection to automatically start and stop operations, reducing power usage. Due to its simplicity and quiet yet powerful single-phase motor, all of these qualities make this shredder the best choice for businesses.

  • Security Level : P - 5
  • Sheet Capacity: 14-17
  • Bin Capacity: 32 Gallons

#3 | MBM Destroyit 2604CC (P-4) Cross Cut Shredder:

One of the best business shredders available in the market is the MBM Destroyit 2604CC(P-4) Cross Cut paper shredder. Due to its high sheet capacity of up to 25 sheets and its attractive appearance that helps to the general pleasantness of the environment, this shredder is perfect for a centralized office setting. This Shredder is simple to maintain, with a 26-gallon bin that is environmentally friendly and does not require the use of shred bags. It also can automatically inject oil into the cutting shaft, ensuring a smooth and convenient shredding experience. MBM Corporation is concerned about the safety of its customers, therefore the shredder has a unique safety prevention system that not only prevents fingers from entering the shredder but also ensures that no plastic particles from DVDs escape and cause an accident. The P-4 security level of the paper shredder, along with a cut size of 3/16 x 1 1/2” and an incredible bin capacity, making it the best choice for enterprises.

  • Security Level: P- 4
  • Sheet Capacity: 25
  • Bin Capacity: 26 Gallons

#4 | MBM Destroyit 2503CC (P-5) Cross Cut Shredder:

MBM Destroyit 2503CC (P-5) Cross Cut paper shredder is the finest option accessible for office shredding, having a smart design that can be placed neatly within an office without damaging its appearance. With a sheet capacity of 8 to 10, MBM 2503CC (P-5) offers a convenient experience with no compromise on quality or speed as it is equipped with a 24ft/min shred speed and a large bin capacity of 20 gallons.
The shredder has a P-5 security level with a 3/32" x 5/8" cut size, guaranteeing that the contents of important papers of varied sizes are protected. A multipurpose control switch, which can regulate the fundamental function of the shredder and acts as an emergency stop switch, also controls the shredder. The shredder is equipped with an electronic safety lid that prohibits anything other than paper from going by, the magnetic switch is capable of stopping all shredder operational activities when the lid is picked up or when the bin capacity is full.

  • Security Level : P - 5
  • Sheet Capacity: 8-10
  • Bin Capacity: 20 Gallons

#5 | MBM Destroyit 3804CC (P-5) Cross Cut Shredder:

The MBM Destroyit 3804CC (P-5) Cross Cut Shredder is the finest alternative for shredders that satisfy the everyday office requirements without compromising the secrecy of their document. This shredder can handle up to 14 sheets and shred them at 20 ft/minute. The shaft is composed of high-quality hardened steel, making it easy for the shredder to cut paper clips, staplers, and cards. The 44-gallon environmentally friendly shred bin is robust and does not require the utilization of shred bags.
The Destroyit 3804CC (P-5) comes with the patented safety protection system (SPS) which guarantees the safety of the user. The electronically controlled transparent safety lid prevents undesired things from entering the feed and protects the consumer against splattering when plastic is crushed. MBM 3804CC is equipped with a powerful single-phase motor that executes all operations while constraining electricity usage. The environment-friendly standby mode is controlled by a photocell which ceases all operation after 30 minutes of inactivity.

  • Security Level: P - 5
  • Sheet Capacity: 14
  • Bin Capacity: 44 Gallons