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  1. Best Micro Cut Shredders To Buy In 2021


    Identity theft is one of the most prevalent issues today, yet most organizations still aren’t focusing on securely getting rid of confidential documents. Investing in a good shredder is one of the best decisions an organization, or even an individu

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  2. What Are Hard Drive Degaussers and Punchers and Why You Need Them

    Hard drives have become one of the most popular mediums for storing information, whether personal or business-related. However, the real issue arises when it's time to discard them - what is the proper method to completely remove information from hard drives? We have the perfect solution for that!

    Hard Drive Degaussers and Punchers have become increasingly popular as more and more organizations prefer to remove personal data in-house rather than sending their hard drives to external organizations to be disposed of. 

    So, what is a degausser, and how does it work? A degausser is essentially a device that rearran

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  3. What Is DIN Security Level & Why It Is Important

    What Is the DIN security level & why Is It important

    When looking at paper shredder specs, you'll notice that a DIN classification typically accompanies the security level P-1 or DIN P-3, for example. But what exactly does it imply? And why is it important? DIN is an abbreviation for Deutsches Institut für Normung eV or the German Institute for Standardization. It is a standard that aids in the qualification of data destruction security levels in the European Union.

    The official DIN 66399 standard for paper destruction includes seven security levels for paper shredders, each of which specifies the minimum size criteria for paper particles after shredding a document. The seven security classifications are DIN P-1, P-2, P-3, P-4, P-5, P-6, and P-7. The higher the security level is, th

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